Gong Seminar !
One of the best Seminars i have ever attended.
Vikrampal has teached us how to connect to our heart 💓,and to play gong is starts from our heart playing . The most important gong is starts to play from inside .

In the Seminar in the first day I have met my ex wife, and I’m happy for this moment because I get closer to her and hugged her and told her that I’m sorry for what happened and I did what I could in the past . I told her that I love her !

Yes we are not going to be together but we remain as friends .

Thanks to Vikravampal for the next day !
We had met our fears through training, I had A fear that I will lost my friendship to my ex wife ,but you know what the fear has smiled to me and I recognized that I will never lost it ,it is illusion and I was just seating and started to smile too .
In the Seminar we have learned to play the gong ,I wish to all play the gong inside or outside!
I’m very happy I had met a teacher as Vikrampal ,you are honest and with big heart  💓.

Roma Amiraslanov Moscow noviembre 23, 2019

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